New Blur Ad Pokes Fun At Mario Kart

By Jamie Courts on May 21, 2010, 11:51AM EDT

The latest Blur trailer may look a little familiar at first, especially since the little broccoli looking racer may bear quite a resemblance to Toad from the Mario series. Seems like Blur is taking a little bit of a pot shot at the Mario Kart series by touting a game with Mario Kart style power-ups with a more mature style.

It's also a surprisingly well done mock up of Mario Kart, right down to the intense colour use and cheery sounding, chirpy 8-bit music playing in the background. Either way, it is pretty funnny to see the Toad-like guy punch a big pink dinosaur that throws up bubbles.

There will also be a second spot in this style airing during both the series finale of Lost, and the NBA finals. Blur will be out on may 25 for those looking for a kart racing style game using real cars for a change. The trailer can be viewed here.

Source: Wired

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