New Inflatable Wii Kart Helps Kids, Fills Rooms

By Jamie Courts on May 31, 2010, 12:44PM EDT

It seems that almost all peripherals for the Wii tend to range from bad to ridiculous, and CTA has released possibly the most ridiculous and peripheral for racing on the Wii yet. It seems CTA has released an inflatable, kart-shaped chair with a steering wheel attachment to put the Wii remote into.

Of course will all these plastic peripherals filling the room, having a massive plastic kart in the room may not be a step in the right direction. Though the peripheral is set at only $40 for the inflatable kart, it's a reasonable price for something so huge. Not to mention proceeds from the kart go to Kids Are Heroes, a charity that's goal is to inspire youth to do "amazing things".

For those out there who feel there's a cold spot on the living room floor, go for it. At least this peripheral is doing something for others. Personally, it just won't fit around all those plastic guitars and drum sets.

Source: Joystiq

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