Red Dead Redemption Film On Fox This Saturday

By Jamie Courts on May 26, 2010, 11:37AM EDT

In another turn from the very interesting ad campaign being run by Rockstar games for their Western epic, Red Dead Redemption, Fox will be airing a short film Directed by John Hillcoat using the game engine itself for the film.

John Hillcoat may also sound familiar to some, since he directed the film The Proposition, which was featured as a free streaming film through LoveFilm to promote Red Dead Redemption's release in Europe.

For those wanting to catch this short film premiere(and who wouldn't?), it will run about 30 minutes and will air on Fox this Saturday, May 29 at midnight both in the EST and PST time zones. Sounds like a really cool way to advertise such an awesome game.

Source: VG247

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