Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Coming To PSN

By Jordan Douglas on May 4, 2010, 3:14PM EDT

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker could be hitting the PlayStation Network at some point after its PSP debut. According to a report from GamePro, the game's publisher, Konami, has been asking several journalists what they would think of Peace Walker digitally distributed over PSN.

""So after I had done the preview, [Konami] had a Q/A session with us to get our complaints/ideas about the game," [GamePro] reported. "Other than the basics, they asked what we thought about if they released it on PSN for the PS3 as well and had online multiplayer.""

Personally, this idea would make me much more likely to check out the title. The addition of online multiplayer could also be interesting. What do you think? Would you play Peace Walker on PSN?

Source: GamePro

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