SCEE Says Home Is Not Coming Out Of Beta

By Jamie Courts on May 27, 2010, 2:32PM EDT

According to a spokesperson from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the plans to take home out of its beta stage, as rumoured earlier, is actually untrue. From a comment with, Sony has no plans to take Home out of its current beta stage, which has been in it's open beta since December of 2008.

According to the spokesperson's statement, "The service is still evolving and as such we have no current plans to take Home out of Beta." This statement contradicts what Kirk Ewing, of Home's developer Veemee, said earlier in the week. In this case, we will have to go with the official statement from Sony.

It's really a good thing to keep Home in Beta at the moment, especially since it doesn't seem to have reached its true purpose of what it is supposed to do on the PlayStation 3 yet. At this rate, it's actually kind of hard to see what the point of Home is at all anymore.

Source: VideoGamer

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