Second Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Announced

By Jordan Douglas on May 13, 2010, 12:51PM EDT

Activision has announced that the second batch of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2, the Resurgence package, will be available on June 3rd. The follow up to the Stimulus Package, released earlier this year, will enjoy an undisclosed period of exclusivity on Xbox Live, similar to its predecessor. Resurgence will contain five maps, and will be priced at $15.

This second map pack for Modern Warfare is the last known project for developer Infinity Ward after recent events caused a large number of staff to leave. However, the title may suggest the studio could live on and, like Modern Warfare, experience its own resurgence. The Stimulus Package sold over 2.5 million units in its first week on Xbox Live, so Activision will be keen to retain that success, possibly by keeping the studio at work.

A release date for the PlayStation Network version is unknown at this point.

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