SOCOM 4 Campaign Details Revealed

By Jordan Douglas on May 17, 2010, 3:09PM EDT

The folks over at Zipper Interactive, the people behind SOCOM 4, have let new information on the game's singe player campaign slip. In an interview with IGN, Creative Director Ed Byrne discussed the background stories for SOCOM 4's five man squad. Here are his thoughts on each character.

Cullen Gray, Operations Commander (NATO ISF)

"Ops Com is that kind of figure who comes in with a lot of mystery and a lot of legend behind him. He's one of those people who naturally is able to say "jump" and people jump."

Park "Forty Five" Yoon-Hee (South Korean 707th)

"She's stealthy, and she's good at recon. She has sort of valuable skills in the story -- I won't go too much into it -- but she has skills that none of the other team members have. When the Ops Com runs across her in the story, he quickly realizes that she's crucial to completing the mission."

Dion Wells (US Navy SEALs)

"Wells is cool, actually. We were thinking of the character, and I always loved Apone from Aliens -- the sense of this very cool, calm, collected, highly experienced soldier who was comfortable being in sort of the XO position. Who is on the ground and relaying orders and sort of keeping the team together."

Eric Schweitzer (US Navy SEALs)

"Schweitzer's a heavy weapons guy. In gameplay, he's the guy sort of laying down fire and he's got the beefiest weapon. But he's also got a sense of sarcasm and he tends to be a source of some of that tension and conflict himself. He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder in terms of being in the situation that they are in -- hooking up with the 707, he likes to complain."

Chung Kwan (South Korean 707th)

"We wanted him to be kind of the observer. We wanted a character who would call out more of the tactical positions or call out some of the more distant or hard to see enemies. And make it that he's kind of the quiet guy in the outfit."

There you have it, your team in SOCOM 4. The game is slated for a fall 2010 release, Gaming Union will have more on SOCOM 4 from E3.

Source: IGN

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