Square Enix President Yoishi Wada Wants More Heavy Rain

By Jamie Courts on May 26, 2010, 1:53PM EDT

Square Enix President, Yoichi Wada, seems to have really enjoyed Heavy Rain according to an interview with Famitsu. Apparently, Wada himself would like to see more cinematic style games like Heavy Rain in the market today.

In the interview Wada was stated as saying, "It would be good if they made more games like Heavy Rain," referencing Quantic Dream's hit game which has managed to sell nearly 1.5 million copies to date.

If this statement is read into in the same way as his pondering of Final Fantasy Versus XIII porting to the 360 statement on Twitter, then it could also been seen that maybe Square Enix will be publishing some titles in the same vain of Heavy Rain in the near future. Wada does have the power to make a decision like that, after all. Who knows, maybe we'll see a publishing deal with Quantic Dream and Square Enix, since that seems to be the current trend.

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