Starcraft II Subscriptions Planned For Latin America, Asia, Russia

By Jordan Douglas on May 10, 2010, 5:48PM EDT

Blizzard has confirmed that a subscription payment system will be used as an option for Starcraft II in Latin America, Asia and Russia. Players in those territories will be able to purchase a disc copy of Starcraft II for roughly $30, which will grant access to the single player campaign and online multiplayer for 60 days. After that period an undetermined subscription fee will be charged to continue playing.

There is also a traditional purchase method available where players download a digital copy of the game for $60 directly from Blizzard. This option does not require a recurring payment to access Blizzard chief executive officer Mike Morhaime confirmed these payment options will be used in many parts of Latin America, Asia and Russia.

Western gamers will be able to purchase Starcraft II at retail on July 27th, with a digital download from Blizzard following at some point in the near future.

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