Steam Service Coming To Mac Tomorrow

By Jamie Courts on May 11, 2010, 12:09PM EDT

Valve has officially announced that the long wait is finally over, and Steam will be rolling out its Mac platform tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12. This announcement brings the initial release of the entire Steam client including full community support, as well as all the anti-cheat and authentication services that come along with it.

The announcement also brings along the first two games to be supported on the Mac client. Valve's very own first-person puzzle game, Portal, will be out along with Diablo-style top down clicker, Torchlight. Steam will also be releasing new titles on the Mac service every Wednesday.

A new service will also be rolling out on the Mac client, called "Steam Play". This service allows players who purchased a copy of the game to be operable on both PC and Mac versions of Steam without having to purchase individual copies for each operating system.

Hopefully the wait was worth it, and the Steam service will go over smoothly with its first ever transition to Mac.

Source: VG247

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