Test Drive Unlimited 2 Accepting Beta Invites

By Jamie Courts on May 31, 2010, 3:19PM EDT

Curious about Test Drive Unlimited 2? If you are and own any of the current gen systems, you can head over to the Atari site and fill out a form to ask for an invite to the Test Drive Unlimited 2 beta. All that you need to do is register an account with Atari, and you're set to get in on a Beta.

The beta listing is for players with either a PC, PlayStation 3, or an Xbox 360 beta, though it doesn't specify if there actually will be one for all three systems or not. If you are applying for the PC beta though, be ready to divulge some information on your PC specs.

Test Drive Unlimited had a really cool MMO style racing system implemented into it, and it will be cool to see how it will be updated in the newest iteration. Besides, it's a great way to get a free preview of the game before release.

Source: Joystiq

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