Treyarch Working Exclusively On Call Of Duty Titles

By Jamie Courts on May 31, 2010, 1:20PM EDT

Mark Lamia, Head of Treyarch Studio, has revealed over at CVG that Treayarch is now a "100% Call of Duty studio". Apparently the Activision run developer is now entirely focused on creating only Call of Duty titles from now on.

The development studio of Treyarch has previously worked on titles such as James Bond: Quantum of Solace and the Spider-Man series of games including the more recent Web Of Shadows. The studio has also been rumoured to have been working on a few other titles on top of the more recent Call of Duty: Black Ops title that is currently under development.

Lamia states that Treyarch has been a purely Call of Duty studio before the infamous shake-up at partner studio, Infinity Ward. Though Treyarch will not be making any other titles any time soon, Treyarch has reported that they now have an entire team dedicated to multiplayer, which will be a huge plus. Now all they need to do is present us with a game to match the top-tier gameplay of their big brother studio.

Source: CVG

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