Vitality Sensor Suspected For Monday Announcement From Nintendo

By Jamie Courts on May 14, 2010, 10:54AM EDT

Nintendo has an announcement to make this upcoming Monday, according to a press release of an upcoming event featuring a joint announcement with the American Heart Association. By the sounds of it, this may just have something to do with the Vitality Sensor that Nintendo announced at last year's E3.

Nothing has been heard about this Vitality sensor since June, and considering it wasn't all that well received, it seemed like a dumped concept. Now that this joint announcement is coming with the American Heart Association though, you can't help but think this heart rate monitor for the Wii has at least a little something to do with this.

The announcement will be happening on Monday in New York at around 10AM EST, so we can probably expect this heart rate monitor concept to come to fruition. The big question remains, what the hell is this thing supposed to do? Unless it's for some sort of application in the medical field, it seems like an out of place use for video games.

Source: Joystiq

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