Aliens Vs Predator Map Pack Coming July 7

By Jamie Courts on June 30, 2010, 4:23PM EDT

If you're still playing Aliens Vs Predator and are getting a little tired of the multiplayer maps, there's good news on the way. Sega has officially announced that a new map pack, known as the "Bughunt Map Pack," will be releasing next week on July 7.

This new map pack is the second to release for AvP and will include four new maps with new weather types and environmental hazards to change up the action in online multiplayer modes. There will also be two new maps for survival mode, which is the co-op kill fest where players fight of hordes of enemies in waves.

The new map pack will give those itching for something more a decent amount to work with, though the price may turn some away, depending on how invested you may be in the game. The Bughunt Map pack will run for $6.99 on PlayStation network and Steam, and 560MS Points on Xbox 360.

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