Atlus Releases New Hexyz Force Video Walkthrough

By Shawn Collier on June 4, 2010, 1:30PM EDT

If you just picked up Atlus's newest PSP RPG Hexyz Force earlier this week, or are interested in how the game works, Atlus has a treat for you. The video game publisher has released a brand-new video walkthrough for the game, giving a quick overview of the storyline along with a through explanation of the game's battle system.

Hexyz Force is a 3D RPG which revolves around two different stories which interwind, giving players double the gameplay. To help out players who like to play on the go, the game includes a streamlined battle system and has very minimal load times (with the option of installing game content for even faster loading).

Hexyz Force is available in both UMD and digital via PSN for $29.99. Check back next week for an in-depth review of Hexyz Force on Gaming Union.

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