Counter-Strike Source Now Available For Mac, Patch And Sale Included

By Jamie Courts on June 24, 2010, 12:59PM EDT

Counter-Strike: Source has been around for almost six years now with tons of players still currently active. Not only does it stand the test of time, but also continues to expand and update, such as the major expansion to the game that took place this week. Counter-Strike: Source is now available for both the PC and Mac now with a new update that brings Mac users into the fray.

To celebrate the addition, Steam is offering the game at a 66% discount for everyone. For $6.80, anybody can grab their very own copy of Counter-Strike: Source, or grab a couple copies and send them to their Mac using friends who may have missed out on the game before.

There has also been a new patch on the game which for the most part improves the HUD of the game, as well as fixing up some damage issues with grenades and bullets. There are also some minor tweaks that have been added to the server side, but nothing incredibly major there. There's no excuse anymore, anybody missing out on Counter-Strike: Source shouldn't be anymore. Unless you don't have $7. If that's the case, sorry.

Source: Steam Store

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