E3 2010: Crytek And Microsoft Project Codename Kingdoms Revealed

By Jamie Courts on June 14, 2010, 2:12PM EDT

At today's E3 2010 Microsoft press conference,it was announced that a new title name Codename Kingdoms will be coming to the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Studios. Interestingly enough, the project appears to be a collaboration with Crytek as well.

From the appearance of the trailer, the new title will be some sort of Spartan looking title, similar to that of the film 300 or Sony's God Of War series. As of now the title just looks like a proof of concept since there was no gameplay footage, just some live action video of a Spartan looking soldier with blood falling from his blade.

Nothing has been said as to whether it is just the game engine being supplied by Crytek, or if it's a side project that Crytek is fully involved in. Already two titles so far this year that have been announced to use Crytek's new technology on consoles. Expect more details as we move on to the show floor later this week.

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