Dreamcast Games Coming To XBLA And PSN

By Jamie Courts on June 10, 2010, 3:39PM EDT

Rumour has been spreading the last while about a few Sega Dreamcast titles such as Sonic Adventure making their way to the downloadable space. As it turns out, Sega has confirmed that there will be a revival of multiple Dreamcast games coming to both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The first titles to see release in downloadable form will be Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure. All of the titles will also be remastered with a higher resolution, surround sound compatibility, and online goodies such as leaderboards and Achievements.

The first titles will be out this Fall to tie in with the 11 anniversary of the Dreamcast's launch in North America. There has also been no confirmation of other games yet, but Sega plans on releasing more titles shortly after the initial release of the first two titles this Fall.

Source: Destructoid

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