E3 2010: Majesco Presents 'Swords'

By Nick Young on June 16, 2010, 3:38PM EDT

Majesco were presenting 'Swords' at their E3 booth, an arcade game with a central focus on swords and swordplay.

The game features a number of modes such as arcade, multiplayer and mini-games. The game is primarily a one-on-one sword fight between one of the game's eight playable characters which consist of robots and vikings, or a friend in a two player versus mode.

The game is more in depth than just simple combat though, the player is given a choice of swords to vary up the gameplay and give themselves an edge. Swords like the Frostbite and Defender's Blade can give players the ability to slow down enemies and fortify their defence. Special attacks are also featured in the game and can be used tactically to alter the flow of battle.

The game can be played with both the Wii-motion plus peripheral or without, meaning that anyone should be able to play the game when it is released this September.

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