E3 2010 Nintendo Liveblog

By Shawn Collier on June 15, 2010, 11:57AM EDT

Welcome to the GamingUnion.net liveblog for the E3 2010 Nintendo press conference. We'll be updating this post as the event unfolds, so be sure to check back for all the latest Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS updates.

(All times are in Pacific time.)

10:16am: Appears that a new Zelda, Donkey Kong and Star Fox are being developed for the 3DS.

10:08am: They're showing a list of publishers supporting the system. Confirmed 3DS Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid titles.

10:08am: New Nintendogs title being revealed, which includes cats.

10:05am: Nintendo 3DS systems can automatically communicate with each other in sleep mode.

10:00am: Project Sora is working on a Kid Icarus title entitled Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS. Looks like Wii graphics.

9:58am: Analog stick is being called a "slide pad". Gyroscope is also confirmed. Includes a camera like the Nintendo DSi.

9:55am: Top screen seems a little bit larger. Analog stick confirmed. Both screens are 3D. Wii have graphical improvements.

9:52am: Nintendo 3DS is being shown. Looks like a Nintendo DS.

9:50am: Donkey Kong Wii is confirmed. Appears to play like the Donkey Kong Country games. Coming to Wii this Holiday.

9:46am: Metroid: Other M is being featured. Coming August 31.

9:45am: Dragon Quest IX is being shown off. Being released on July 11.

9:42am: A new Kirby Wii game is being revealed, entitled Kirby's Epic Yarn. Coming this Fall.

9:37am: Can use the paint to remove or restore objects in the game world. Will make a difference depending on what you do.

9:34am: Disney Epic Mickey is being shown on the show floor. Will be exclusive to the Wii.

9:32am: Goldeneye Wii just got revealed. Will include split screen and online multiplayer. 8 classic Goldeneye characters are usable. Coming this Holiday.

9:30am: Psynergy can be use with the touch screen. Battles appear to be in the same line-based system as the previous titles. Coming this Holiday.

9:29am: Golden Sun is now titled Golden Sun Dark Dawn. A trailer is being shown.

9:28am: Just Dance 2 just got announced.

9:26am: Wii Party is being revealed for North America. Seems to be in a similar vein to the Mario Party titles. Coming this Holiday.

9:23am: Mario Sports Mix seems to be a mix of those two titles plus possibly golf.

9:22am: Mario Volleyball is being shown off. As well as a Wii Mario Basketball game.

9:22am: Sports games like Madden and NBA Jam are being showcased. Wii will have an exclusive version of NBA Jam.

9:20am: Trailer for Zelda Skyward Sword is going on at the moment.

9:19am: Development will take till the end of the year, release date in 2011.

9:17am: Link has a beetle item which can fly around and grab items. As well as a whip to grab items.

9:15am: Nintendo just mocked Steve Jobs's WiFi issue. :p

9:14am: Bombs can be thrown easier in Skyward Sword.

9:11am: Enemies can follow and block your attacks more intelligently.

9:08am: The sword actually follows your movements in this Zelda.

9:07am: Miyamoto just walked on stage.

9:05am: Swordplay is modeled after Wii Sports Resort. Nunchuk can raise the shield.

9:04am: Zelda Wii seems to be revealing, entitled Skyward Sword. Graphics seems to be a mix of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker.

9:02am: Reggie just walked on the stage.

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