Fat Princess Bringing Fat Roles, Co-Op Tomorrow

By Jamie Courts on June 28, 2010, 3:30PM EDT

Tomorrow is PlayStation's network update, and coming along with it is a new DLC pack for Fat Princess, hobbling its way in just in time for tomorrows downloadable releases. The new pack, titled Fat Roles, will include four new maps as well as three new class types to play as.

On top of the DLC, Fat Princess will also include a free patch to version 1.06 which allows for the Fat Princess Party Feature. This feature allows players to play on the same system with up to three other people. This update will be void of all the bonus classes, but hey, it's free and a decent update.

For those who want to get some action in a map like New Pork with a Pirate, Ninja, or a Giant will have to shell out $4.99. Seems like a pretty good deal for quite the substantial update. Hopefully it doesn't split up the multiplayer market for those playing it online.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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