Hard Corps: Uprising Announced

By Shawn Collier on June 3, 2010, 7:46PM EDT

Konami has announced, via a pre-E3 preview on IGN.com, that they are working a spiritual sequel to Contra: Hard Corps, which was originally released on the SEGA Genesis. The game is being developed by ARC System Works, which is most widely known for their BlazBlue and Guilty Gear fighting games series.

The game stars Colonel Bahamut, which for those who played the original would remember him as one of the bad guys in the original. He's had a change of heart and is now battling against the aliens with those he used to fight against. Co-op gameplay was confirmed both offline and online, but only two playable characters have been announced, unlike the four that were available in the original. Konami is hoping to add more via DLC, but nothing's for certain yet (either the number or if they will be paid or free).

Due to the new developer, the graphics have a very anime-like art style similar to that which the developer is known for, although IGN is reporting that it still "feels" like Contra nonetheless. A new "Rising" mode is available, which gives players three shots before they are killed, as opposed to the classic Contra style where one shot kills you.

Konami is set to release Hard Corps: Uprising to XBLA and PSN this Winter. The publisher will be releasing more information about the game during E3 2010, which takes places in two weeks.

Source: IGN

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