Harmonix Brings Nickelback to Rock Band DLC

By Alex on June 25, 2010, 3:49PM EDT

For those who don't play a lot of Rock Band, Harmonix releases a new DLC pack each week, usually a few songs from a specific artist. Some past releases include Boston's self-titled album, The Dead Weather, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Maybe it's to build anticipation for Rock Band 3, but lately Harmonix's DLC offerings have been a little"¦off. Last week Miley Cyrus was featured, and on the 29th, six songs by Nickelback will be available to download. "Burn It to the Ground", "Figured You Out", "Never Again", "Photograph", "Rockstar", and "This Afternoon" will go for $2 USD, 160 MS Points, or 200 Wii points, choose your poison!

Why anyone would listen to Nickelback in the first place still remains to be seen, but hopefully Harmonix doesn't choose to continue assaulting fan's ears for a third week.

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