Hulu Plus Streaming TV Service Coming To PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

By Jamie Courts on June 29, 2010, 6:41PM EDT

It looks like Hulu, the web streaming service, has a plus service on it's way to PlayStation 3 this July, with a Xbox 360 version coming down the road at some point in 2011. This $9.99 a month service will offer ad supported television shows from some of the major American television networks.

The Hulu plus service will offer coverage of shows such as The Office or Glee from ABC, FOX, and NBC. The shows will also be able to stream to handheld devices such as iPhones if the user happens to be on the go, the network also offers access to older shows such as Arrested Development.

One downside of the service is that Hulu Plus is currently offered to American citizens only, though on their website there is a statement that Hulu is working on spreading its coverage to more countries of the world. Entertainment is really starting to dominate consoles now, with both Netflix and now Hulu Plus being available for users. As for us Canadians, we're still waiting for any kind of video service.

Source: Hulu

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