Kid Icarus Uprising Coming To 3DS

By Jamie Courts on June 15, 2010, 1:40PM EDT

Along with the official reveal of the 3DS system, Nintendo has also announced that Kid Icarus will be seeing a 3DS release along with the system. The trailer for Kid Icarus Uprising shows some fairly detailed characters and environments with some very impressive draw distance for the system.

Kid Icarus uprising has been given the full 3D treatment, going as far as apparently having a better sense of space between the player's character and the enemies around them. Though no true 3D experience is offered with the trailer, it does look like an interesting action game with flying and ground combat elements.

Kid Icarus Uprising has no set release date yet, but has been said to release alongside the 3DS when it is officially released. Expect more details as we get a hands-on look with some more of the 3DS and its upcoming titles.

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