Metro 2034 Confirmed By THQ, Includes 3D

By Jamie Courts on June 29, 2010, 12:34PM EDT

Danny Bilson, VP of Core Games at THQ, has revealed that 4A studios is currently working on the sequel to their title Metro 2033. While talking about 3D tech, Bilson said that Metro 2033 is currently being demoed by Nvidia for their 3D graphics, and let slip that Metro 2034 will have a 3D version of the game.

Being a low cost studio based out of Kiev, Ukraine, Bilson says that the cost of the development at 4A is their lowest cost development studio in the world. This means it makes the most sense for them to work on more expensive tech out of their development team at 4A when breaking into 3D.

What consoles they are bringing 3D tech to will be interesting to see, since the PlayStation 3 is currently the only console that has full support for stereoscopic 3D games, though it is possible on the Xbox 360 much like James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. Currently there is nothing more official about a release date for Metro 2034, but now that the cat is out of the bag, we may see some more details from Metro 2034 rolling in anytime now.

Source: VideoGamer

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