Microsoft Replies To Xbox 360 Slim Breakdowns

By Jamie Courts on June 28, 2010, 12:25PM EDT

The Xbox 360 slim is here and reports have begun to come in that the new slim is not void of system failures. Unlike its older brother, the slim has a feature to shut down before the system overheats, causing the red ring crisis to be averted. Apparently, this isn't stopping the systems from breaking down.

Microsoft has responded to the outcry by stating, "We couldn't be more proud of the consoles we are building now, as well as the new Xbox 360. This console is the culmination of years of continuous innovation in design, testing and learning. Today we are confident we are shipping a high quality product."

So, Microsoft has essentially disregarded the problem at hand yet again. But without getting too offensive, these reports really have to be taken with a grain of salt, since not that many units have released yet, and people could be fussing about a very small number of system failures. If this is something bigger though, this could be bad for Microsoft.

Source: Destructoid

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