More Classic Capcom Franchises Will Be Revived

By Adam Ma on June 12, 2010, 8:54PM EDT

It certainly is an awesome time to be a Capcom enthusiast, with quite a few old school revivals making their way to stores as of late. Bionic Commando, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and the Versus Series are just some games that have recently graced consoles, and Capcom's senior director of marketing Michael Pattison has recently told MCV that many more are planned for the 'near future'.

What exactly the 'near future' holds, has obviously been kept quiet. But there are still plenty of titles that haven't been recently visited, most of which would be great to see in some form. For example, its been known for a while now that a Darkstalkers game would be very much appreciated by the community, and Capcom that loves to give in to popular demand. It's just as possible they make another Dino Crisis though, which would be unfortunate.

In the meantime the Capcom community will simply have to wait and see what brands get to make a comeback. With E3 just around the corner there's a great chance we'll see one of these 'much-loved brands' make an appearance.

Source: mcvuk

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