Nintendo Announces Midnight Blue DSi XL

By Jamie Courts on June 8, 2010, 5:28PM EDT

As it seems, the 3DS will not be coming out anytime too soon, since Nintendo has announced they will be releasing a new colour of their DSi XL model in North America. The new colour will be a "Midnight Blue" model that will bring the total up to three colours on the DSi XL in NA.

The new Midnight Blue colour will be released on Western shores on July 11 for the same retail price as its burgundy and bronze brethren. It will also include the same pre-loaded game pack that is currently available, which includes a copy of Flipnote Studio, a Brain Age Express bundle, and Photo Clock.

Quite an odd turn or Nintendo to release new colours with the 3DS announcement around the corner, but then again it has happened with pretty much every single Nintendo system on the planet. At least it's not some ridiculously bright and ugly colour nobody will buy, remember the clear purple N64?

Source: Destructoid

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