Pitch Correcting Software To Be Implemented In Rock Band 3

By Jamie Courts on June 29, 2010, 3:03PM EDT

Little tone deaf? Not to worry when singing Rock Band 3. According to Harmonix, a pitch-detection software called iZotope will be implemented into the game to correct the pitch of those who want to brave the microphone without the vocal cords to back it up.

The iZotope technology is the same that is used as a professional tool for bands performing live so the pitch is maintained in the song without going off key, and in turn making everyone in the audience boo and burn their merchandise en masse.

This is most likely good news for those who want to play rock band and are tired of the sound of screeching and off key moaning coming from a close friend or relative's mouth. Now you don't have to let people know they're terrible, Rock Band 3 will fix it so you don't have to break any dream shattering news.

Source: Kotaku

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