PlayStation 3 Making Profit, Price Drops Not Forecasted

By Jamie Courts on June 29, 2010, 6:54PM EDT

Sony has had a reputation for losing money on their main console, the PlayStation 3. According to reports from Sony Worldwide Studios Head, Shuhei Yoshida, those days have come to an end, and the PlayStation 3 is now turning a profit for the electronics giant.

Shuhei Yoshida was quoted as saying, "This year is the first time that we are able to cover the cost of the PlayStation 3. We aren't making huge money from hardware, but we aren't bleeding like we used to."

Yoshida believes that Sony is currently at a sweet spot for price and has the ability to drop the price of the PS3 if necessary, though he believe we won't see any price drop in the near future. Move and 3D are the reasons cited for the price freeze, since these are apparently innovative enough to push units on their own.

Sorry Yoshida, but if you think that super high priced 3D televisions are a good reason to keep the price of the PS3 up, you are sadly mistaken. Not to say the PS3 is overly expensive, but all the extras, such as move, should probably be a little cheaper to help move units (no pun intended there).

Source: Destructoid

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