Pokémon Officially Dated In Japan, New Pokémon Revealed

By Jamie Courts on June 28, 2010, 11:36AM EDT

In a move one step closer to coming to North America, Nintendo has announced the Japanese release date For Pokémon Black & White. On September 18, Black & White will be on the streets of Japan for fans to spend another lifetime playing and collecting the addicting little monsters.

Nintendo has also released a few more Pokémon that will be included in the new generation of the game. The Japanese name of these fifth generation Pokémon are Meguroku, Hihidaruma, Munna, Giaru, Shimama, Chiramii, and Mamebato.

It does seem at this point that a lot of the new generations of Pokémon coming out are getting less original and starting to repeat themselves, like a pigeon, again. It may be argued, but those of us in North America are going to have to wait and see what's in store when Black & White come out at some point in Spring 2011.

Source: SiliconEra

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