Portal 2 Surprise Unveiled At PlayStation 3 Conference

By Jamie Courts on June 15, 2010, 6:45PM EDT

At the Sony E3 2010 press conference, a surprise announcement was unveiled by Valve with an official reveal of Portal 2 coming to PlayStation 3 in 2011. Gabe Newell, head of Valve, had come out to officially unveil the first trailer himself.

The sequel to the hit franchise that Newell had frequently denied to come to the PlayStation franchise will now be seeing its release on the PlayStation 3. The other bonus that Gabe Newell announced was that Portal 2 will have the best experience on PlayStaion 3 with Steam integration.

Though no exact detail was given as to how the Steam services will integrate into the console, it is exciting to see this sudden acceptance of the PS3, and hopefully there wil be more details released on the functionality of Steam with PS3 later this week.

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