Red Dead Redemption Film Now Available To All

By Jamie Courts on June 8, 2010, 11:46AM EDT

For those who missed the debut of the Red Dead Redemption short film that aired on Fox a few weeks ago, or for those outside of North America, IGN has actually posted the video over on their YouTube page for all to see. Not only is the short film in its entirety, running just shy of 30 minutes, but it's also available to watch in HD. Hey, who needs a TV?

For those unaware of what the sort film is, Rockstar worked with western film director, John Hillcoat, to present a short film that utilized the actual Red Dead Redemption game engine and tell a story about the game's protagonist, John Marsten.

The movie is pretty cool, and is one of the most interesting collaborations between the game and film industry to date. If you've got time, don't pass up on checking this film out.

Source: YouTube

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