Retailers Upset About Kinect Price Point Rumour

By Jamie Courts on June 24, 2010, 2:19PM EDT

After the rumoured price of Microsoft's Kinect camera running upwards of $150 to purchase, many retailers are starting to make their opinions of the price heard. According to many, the price is just too high and needs to be brought below the three digit price point.

HMV Games Chief, Tim Ellis has stated that, "Kinect is likely to find a significant audience with a market-responsive price."

The game sales market as a whole seems to agree that anything around the $150 price point is far too expensive for the target audience they are aiming for. Some even stated Microsoft would do much better to charge a little as they possibly can to get the market to adopt the new product.

Kinect is slated for a release in early November of this year, and hopefully Microsoft can get this whole pricing issue sorted out by then with what we can only hope will be a reasonable price. Not to mention some decent games that don't just feel like knock-offs of games that already exist from another certain major developer.

Source: VG247

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