Rumor: Hulu Coming To PlayStation Network

By Jordan Douglas on June 25, 2010, 1:05PM EDT

Prior to E3, rumors swirled around the internet that Microsoft would announce a partnership with Hulu on Xbox, and while nothing materialized on that front some are speculating that Sony may be trying the same thing for PS3. Bloomberg cites unnamed sources that claim Sony and Hulu are "close to an agreement" and could announce something "as soon as next week."

Speculation was that Microsoft would charge for Hulu over Xbox Live, which was strange considering the service operates free of charge on other platforms. Hulu was available over the PS3's web browser until it was cut off by the video streaming service, leading me to believe a paid service on Sony's platform is also in the works.

Now let's see Hulu work on bringing their service to other countries, maybe Canada? Yeah, that would work.

Source: Bloomberg

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