Rumour: Kojima Revealing Big PlayStation 3 Exclusive At TGS

By Colin Tan on June 19, 2010, 3:04PM EDT

Stop the presses people! Kojima's rumoured to be set to announce yet another super huge PlayStation 3 exclusive title at this years Tokyo Game Show! Kojima himself is known to stick to his word so when he says PS3 exclusive, he more than likely means it, just what exactly could it be though?

According to a close source of CVG's, Kojima revealed to them yesterday that he would be announcing a brand new exclusive title and was actually pretty darn keen on showing it off at E3 this past week. However, the demo needed more polish and Kojima wanted "to ensure it's bulletproof," and so moved it's announcement to the Tokyo Game Show in Fall.

Not much is known at this point save for that it'll be published by Konami. Kojima has recently released Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as well as showing a brand new trailer that showed off some lightning bolt action gameplay from Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Source: CVG

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