Saints Row 3DS Based on XBLA Title, Includes Unlocks For Saints Row 3

By Jamie Courts on June 30, 2010, 12:08PM EDT

Those who watched the Nintendo 3DS reveal at E3 this year may have noticed one of the franchises included for the 3DS was THQ's Saints Row series. Quite a curious series to bring to the 3DS, though it makes some sense considering the Grand Theft Auto series has already made an appearance on Nintendo's current handheld. The biggest hurdle for THQ would most likely be designing a game in 3D on the console.

As it turns out, THQ was already working on this game before even knowing about the 3DS. How does this happen? Through the coincidental Xbox Live Arcade version of the game that was already in progress. According to Danny Bilson, THQ's VP of Core Games, there was already a Saints Row game in progress to tie in with Saints Row 3, and it was already being produced in 3D.

One exciting thing about both games is that they will have a tie-in with Saints Row 3 to unlock different things in game. Both games are yet to see a release date, but chances are they will come out some time around the 3DS release which will be somewhere between the holiday season and March of 2011.

Source: VG247

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