Service Gaikai Looking To Open By 2011

By Adam Ma on June 12, 2010, 5:08PM EDT

There hasn't been much news lately revolving around the browser-based service Gaikai. The service (and it's competitor OnLive) made quite a storm a little while back, calling into question how well the performance would be when it came to streaming games. But things may be picking back up, as co-founder Andrew Gault has recently let it known that everything is just fine.

As of this point Gaikai is looking at exactly what kind of games they'd like to be available, but Gault has made it very clear that things are looking up for the company. For the time being Gaikai offers access to demos through its beta, available to those who're given access (just like any other Beta).

It's definitely something to keep track of, as browser-based gaming could be a fantastic alternative for a lot of people. Anyone who's ever wanted to experience a few select games without purchasing the system, or may be on a limited budget would gain a lot. This is of course, assuming the service works as well as they say it does. No price model has been suggested quite yet, but as the project continues to see success we can expect to hear from them very soon.

Source: Develop

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