South Koreans Getting StarCraft II Free

By Jamie Courts on June 30, 2010, 11:34AM EDT

In a move to make Blizzard Entertainment an unstoppable force in South Korea, Blizzard has announced that any World of WarCraft players with an active subscription will be able to play StarCraft II free of charge. The only catch to the free play of StarCraft II is that the game is only playable as long as the World of WarCraft account is active.

This is quite the bold move for Blizzard considering the largest fan base for StarCraft comes from South Korea. In one sense it is a lot less copes that will be sold to the Korean public, but at the same time, it spurs a massive boost to subscriptions for World of WarCraft, which already has around 12 million active subscriptions.

Time will tell how this all pans out, though I doubt it will spell anything aside from profit. Even if players remove subscriptions from World of WarCraft, then they are still going to have to buy StarCraft II through either full release, or a weekly or even a daily subscription. This deal is also great for South Korea and all, but what do loyal fans in the rest of the world get now?

Source: IGN

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