Xbox Live Family Subscription Package Coming In November

By Jamie Courts on June 22, 2010, 1:36PM EDT

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions offer online play for Xbox 360, but at $50 per year it can get really expensive for a family to play online with their own accounts. Now Microsoft has announced a family bundle for Gold subscriptions which will allow four accounts for $99.

This new system will allow one main account to make purchases of games and DLC, while also controlling the parental settings of the other three accounts. This means parents can block out adult content and still have their own account with full permissions.

Four for the price of two is a good idea for a family, especially with Kinect coming just around the corner. The big question is whether or not the other accounts can be retrieved on other Xbox 360 units. If so, this could be a good idea for four friends to split on the bundle as well.

Source: GamerScoreBlog

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