12 Percent Of Britons Can't See 3D

By Colin Tan on July 12, 2010, 3:25PM EDT

According the The Eyecare Trust firm, approximately 12% of the British population are unable to distinguish 3D because they suffer from "poor binocular vision."

"3-D technology relies on our eyes' ability to work together as a co-ordinated team to achieve an accurate perception of depth," the eye care charity says.

"However, more than one in ten of us (12%) has a visual impairment that means our brains are unable to correctly process the individual images that are transmitted to it via our left and right eyes. This leads to an inconsistency in viewing the three spatial dimensions (height, width and depth) required to enjoy 3-D films in all their glory."

Sony has been pushing 3D tech quite hard as of late but cautions users to take a break if they experience any discomfort or nausea. However, even if that many people can't see 3D, Sony is expecting at least 40% of UK homes to have a 3DTV by 2014. Ubisoft's UK marketing boss also believes that every household might have one in as little as three years time.

Source: CVG

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