Amended Lawsuit Labels Activision A Police State

By Colin Tan on July 10, 2010, 6:24PM EDT

The ongoing legal saga between Activision and a group of members from Infinity Ward carry on. Allegations against the publisher include holding $54 million dollars hostage in order to convince the developer to make yet another Modern Warfare title by 2011.

The original suit was filed in April 2010 by a group of 40 past and present employees from Infinity Ward for half a billion dollars, alleging a breach of contract and unpaid royalties from the publisher. In the month prior, Activision had paid out 40 percent of bonuses but withheld the rest unless Modern Warfare 3 was completed and shipped by November 2011.

The suit has since been amended, accusing Activision of creating a "police state" within the studio as well as conducting "secret interrogations" among employees. The suit also states that had Activision not fired West and Zampella, withheld the money as well as creating a "police state" within the company, the suit would not have been filed and employees that have left would've stayed on instead.

Source: Kotaku

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