BioWare Mythic Against A RealID Policy

By Adam Ma on July 26, 2010, 11:03PM EDT

Recently asked if a Real ID policy was under consideration, BioWare Mythic has set down some definitive words on the subject. 'No' and 'Never' to be precise. Very aware of the negative response that the Real ID system met at first announcement, general manager Eugene Evans has laid all fears to rest.

It seems old news at this point to further point out what a bad idea the Real ID system was, other MMO companies need to make sure their stance is firm on the subject. Explaining that a developer must make sure the communities wants/needs come first, Evans did a great job reminding people that Blizzard made a massive mistake.

If there was ever a fear of a Real ID scenario breaking out at BioWare Mythic, there certainly isn't one now. At least until Activision/Blizzard comes up with their next anti-trolling idea.

Source: Massively

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