Blizzard's Community Manager The First Victim Of Real ID

By Colin Tan on July 8, 2010, 8:53PM EDT

Blizzard recently announced that their very own forums was to implement a new policy where users' first and last names were to be used. They called it Real ID and it was just a matter of time before it sparked controversy among the fan base. In an ironic turn of events, the first casualty of Blizzard's Real ID is none other then their very own community manager, Bashiok.

In an attempt to defend the change in policy, Bashiok posted his real name in the World of Warcraft forums. Within minutes, pretty much everything about him was exposed. From key points in his life to the name of his wife and child and even his room mate. Photos of his house and what street he lives on where also posted up thanks to Google Street View.

This incident certainly questions Real ID's credibility. Hopefully Blizzard will reconsider implementing it as the incident with Bashiok is really quite a frightening thought.

Source: Gamona

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