Dead Space: Ignition Unveiled

By Colin Tan on July 7, 2010, 8:22PM EDT

EA and Visceral have just announced Dead Space: Ignition, a downloadable title that'll be available for both PSN and XBLA. Ignition is a prequel to Dead Space 2 and will release in the Fall. It's apparently part of several other "extensions" that the studio has in store prior to the release of Dead Space 2.

"Dead Space Ignition is the first of many exciting game extensions we have planned for the launch of Dead Space 2," said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on Dead Space franchise. "The interactive comic-style game will give Dead Space fans a unique perspective on the events leading up to Dead Space 2, but will also introduce the storyline to a brand-new audience of gamers."

Dead Space 2 will hit retailers January next year for all major platforms minus the Wii. Keep in mind that the PS3 exclusive limited edition also comes with a Move supported Dead Space: Extraction.

Source: VG247

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