Demon's Souls Staying Online Until At Least 2011

By Shawn Collier on July 21, 2010, 10:37PM EDT

Demon's Souls, which we reviewed for both the North American and European versions, has taken the West by storm with it's unique and often unforgiving gameplay in which thinking things through trumps rash actions.

The game supports online play, and with it getting closer to the first full year of the servers being online, many were wondering how long Atlus would keep them running. The company has announced that the game's servers will keep running until at least March 2011, with Atlus's Manager of PR and Sales, Aram Jabbari, saying "...we are proud to maintain our commitment to the Demon's Souls online community by extending our support for the game's servers."

To celebrate the announcement, Atlus has shifted the server's World Tendency, which affects how hard or easy the game is, to White, making the notoriously hard game easier for newcomers and allowing veterans to get items easier.

Note that this announcement and server change is only for the North American version, as Namco Bandai is in charge of the game's European servers.

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