ESRB Accidentally Exposes Emails Of Real ID Protesters

By Adam Ma on July 13, 2010, 1:45AM EDT

Not satisfied with simply complaining to Blizzard over the Real ID controversy, some gamers decided it was best to take up their complaints to the ESRB. Known for their zealous defense of online privacy, the ESRB seemed like a pretty solid organization to contact when it came to the subject. Fortunately for everyone the entire Real ID situation blew over before things got too out of hand. Unfortunately for everyone that emailed the ESRB, their privacy was violated.

By accidentally hitting Reply All the ESRB has now sent out an email to every single person who emailed them at the same time. Those familiar with this button will know that it automatically ties email addresses to the response. So in the end, everyone who had sent in a complaint about Real ID violating their privacy has now had their privacy violated in turn.

On a lighter note, if I had been one of the people who's email has been exposed I would at least be grateful that my information was exposed to like-minded individuals. It's not as if the ESRB tossed those emails into an open forum, so while the mistake is extremely embarrassing it at least shouldn't be too harmful. Still funny though.


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