Evo2k10 'Winner' Announced

By Adam Ma on July 12, 2010, 11:21AM EDT

This year's North American fighting game tournament has round itself up, with international competitor Daigo Umehara coming out on top for the Super Street Fighter 4 championship. This year saw a lot of fantastic match-ups and some very high-level tournament play, including a few players who made it into the semi-finals using a 'pad' instead of a 'stick'. Exciting stuff for those interested in the world of fighting games.

Equally as interesting to the more casual audience, was the exhibition play of Marvel vs Capcom 3, which featured quite a few alterations in this current build. Melty Blood, Tekken 6, and a few other games were also featured at Evo2k10, but the real hype (for better or worse) was focused on the SSF4 matches.

It definitely shows how far along the fighting game community has come these past few years, as well as how popular the genre still is today. With luck next year will be just as exciting, with even more variety amongst the tournament listings.

Source: Kineda

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