Fallout Online Teaser Story And Art Surfaces

By Jamie Courts on July 5, 2010, 3:24PM EDT

Chances are if you're into the Fallout universe, you may have heard about the rumoured Fallout MMO that was planned for release from Interplay before Bethesda and Interplay got into a big lawsuit over the Intellectual Property of Fallout. Now that Bethesda has dropped the lawsuit, Interplay is teasing more of the Fallout MMO with a bit of concept art, as well as some little viral story set in the Fallout world.

The story talks about some place that the locals call "Monkey Butt Mine" and makes references to creatures like Brahmin, the two-headed radioactive cows common in the world of Fallout. These letters came out through an e-mail for those who are subscribed to the Interplay newsletter for Fallout Online.

Now that things are back in motion with the Fallout MMO, it really makes you curious to see a lot more than just some concept art of a desert and a little story. This release is currently speculated for 2012, so we may have to wait a while before we see much more though.

Source: Destructoid

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